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Released SDP Memos

SDP Memo Disclaimer: The SDP memos are designed to allow the quick recording of investigations and research done by members of the SDP. They are also designed to raise questions about parts of the SDP design or SDP process. The contents of a memo may be the opinion of the author, not the whole of the SDP.

1. SDP Memo 001 PAF De-rotation options trade-off: initial SDP response (Lead Author: Rosie Bolton):

PDF icon ska-tel_sdp-sdpc-memo-001-a.pdf320.06 KB

2. SDP Memo 002 Baseline dependant time averaging (Lead Author: Chris Skipper):

PDF icon ska-tel-sdp-sdpc-memo-002.pdf1.99 MB

3. SDP Memo 003 Fast Fourier Transforms. (Lead Author: Stef Salvini):

4. SDP Memo 004 Baseline Dependent Averaging (Lead Author: Stefan Wijinholds):

5. SDP Memo 005 Data Challenge Supplement (Lead Author: Markus Dolensky):

6. SDP Memo 006 Receive and Pre-process Visibility Data (Lead Author: Ger van Diepen):

7. SDP Memo 007 The SDP Calibration Component (Lead Author: Stef Salvini):

8. SDP Memo 008 The SDP Imaging Pipeline (Lead Author: Anna Scaife):

9. SDP Memo 009 Science Data Analysis (Lead Author: Melanie Johnston-Hollitt):

10. SDP Memo 010 

11. SDP Memo 011

12. SDP Memo 012 iPython Performance Model Handbook (Lead Author: Francois Malan):

13. SDP Memo 013 Regional Centres (Lead Author: Rob Simmonds):

14. SDP Memo 014 PROT.ISP Report (Lead Author: Willi Homberg):

PDF icon blank.pdf79.29 KB

15. SDP Memo 015 Can SDP Use Existing Big Data Systems? (Lead Author: Rob Simmonds):

16. SDP Memo 016 SDP Non-Imaging Processing Compute Requirements (Lead Author: Ben Stappers):

17. SDP Memo 017

18. SDP Memo 018 Data-Driven Architectural Choice (Lead Author: Bojan Nikolic):

19. SDP Memo 019 SDP Load List (Lead Author: Ferdl Graser): 

20. SDP Memo 020 Data-driven Architecture Prototyping Report (Lead Author: Markus Dolensky): 

21. SDP Memo 021 Dataflow prototyping report (Lead Author: Peter Braam):

22. SDP Memo 022 MeerKAT report (Lead Author: Simon Ratcliffe):

23. SDP Memo 023 Horizontal Prototyping Report (Lead Author: David Terrett):

24. SDP Memo 024 Organisation of the SDP delta-PDR Architecture (Lead Author: Peter Braam):

25. SDP Memo 025 BoE Update (Lead Author: Ferdl Graser):

26. SDP Memo 026 The Infeasibility of High Quality Ionospheric Calibration of SKA1-LOW (Lead Author: Tim Cornwell):

27. SDP Memo 027 The Infeasibility of High Quality Ionospheric Calibration of SKA1 - LOW: response to comments (Lead Author: Tim Cornwell):

28. SDP Memo 028 Gridding Computational Density (Lead Author: Peter Wortmann):

PDF icon sdp-gridding-computational.pdf1.45 MB

29. SDP Memo 029 Integration Prototype Build and Deployment (Lead Author: Iain Emsley):

30. SDP Memo 030

31. SDP Memo 031 Quantify Power Efficiency on NVIDIA GPUs (Lead Author: James Kent):

PDF icon powerefficiencysdp.pdf332.17 KB

32. SDP Memo 032 Numerical Precision - representing the data through the SDP data chain (Lead Author: Stef Salvini):

PDF icon precision.pdf311.6 KB

33. SDP Memo 033 Sky Model Considerations (Lead Author: Ian Heywood):

34. SDP Memo 034 Using CASA in Swift Pipelines (Lead Author: Bojan Nikolic):

PDF icon 2017-08-casaswift.pdf170.26 KB

35. SDP Memo 035 An analysis of the impact on capital cost assuming that the SDP pipelines can be supported by a relaxation in the float-point accuracy from 64-bit (current baseline) to 32-bit in entirety. (Lead Author: John Taylor):

PDF icon sdp_memo_fp32_vs._fp64.pdf148.67 KB

36. SDP Memo 036 Convolution Gridding on CPU, GPU and KNL (Lead Author: Jacques du Toit):

PDF icon sdp_memo_36.pdf4.91 MB

37. SDP Memo 037 IO and Storage Software (Lead Author: Peter Braam):

38. SDP Memo 038 Pipeline Working Sets and Communication (Lead Author: Peter Wortmann):

PDF icon pipeline-working-sets.pdf416.84 KB

39. SDP Memo 039 Full-Scale DALiuGE Data Simulation and Reduction on Tianhe-2 (Lead Author: Baoqiang Lao):

40. SDP Memo 040 PSRFITS Overview for NIP (Lead Author: Robert Lyon):

PDF icon psrfits_sdp_memo.pdf334.08 KB

41. SDP Memo 041 Calibration and imaging context (Lead Author: Tim Cornwell):

42. SDP Memo 042 Data Model Summary for Pulsar/Transient Search & Timing (Lead Author: Robert Lyon):

PDF icon datamodelssummary_memo_lyon_et_al.pdf374.91 KB

43. SDP Memo 043 Pulsar Timing Failure Analysis (Lead Author: Robert Lyon):

44. SDP Memo 044: not available - the document which has been assigned memo number 044 was determined to be non-memo after memo number 045 was assigned (to another document)

45. SDP Memo 045 Overview of Buffer Prototyping and Modeling (Lead Author: John Taylor):

Recent news


Since the last eNews submission the SDP has successfully submitted and certified its last milestone, M19, and now is busy preparing for the next milestone, M20, Pre-CDR. The M20 Release Readiness Notice (RRN) was submitted in early March and contains 19 documents within the submission pack. This list includes Systems Engineering documents, Interface documentation (ICDs) and an updated snapshot of the latest SDP Architecture views since the M19 submission.

This pre-CDR milestone is a stepping stone to a successful CDR delivery in October.  An incremental submission allows valuable key stakeholder feedback to be gained in particular on the architectural design to ensure continuous improvement and alignment of architectural priorities.

In addition to the finalisation of deliverables for Pre-CDR submission, other areas of focus for the Consortium are - further iterations of the SDP software architecture, advances in the SEI views of the high-level SDP architecture, continued understanding of the SDP interfaces, progress on the SDP functional model using the Algorithmic Reference Library (ARL), progress on the SDP prototyping testbed (P3) in Cambridge, progress on the SDP Integration Prototype (SIP) including end-to-end testing, consolidation of data models work, monitoring of the hardware costs evolution and updates to the corresponding predicted cost to name a few!

The sections below expand in further detail the recent work efforts and progress in the areas of platform and systems integration prototyping (P3, SIP) as well as the ARL. This work reduces risk and provides the rationale for design choices ahead of System CDR.

SDP Architecture doc

The next significant milestone for the SDP Consortium is M19 on the 30th November. M19 is a lightweight review of the current state of the SDP software architecture and forms a checkpoint with the SKAO to present the current state of the architecture and progress towards Critical Design Review (CDR).

All relevant SDP SEI style views and other supporting documentation for functionally close blocks of architecture will be reviewed. The goal is to present the information in sufficient detail to facilitate immediate use by a knowledgeable audience member.

In preparation for this review, a Stakeholders Overview will take place. The required participants will include key members of the SDP architectural design team and knowledgeable stakeholders from SKAO. This review is to ensure that the high-level architecture documentation, for the purposes of providing an introductory, high-level explanation of the design, is sufficiently complete. In preparation for this overview, key members of the SDP Architecture design team recently selected a collection of views for review and this information has been distributed to the SKAO.

Comments and or suggestions made during the Stakeholder Overview and the official M19 review will guide further architectural priorities ahead of M20 (Element pre-CDR).