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SDP Performance Prototype Platform

In order to support performance studies of the SDP platform and components, the University of Cambridge Astrophysics group received a grant at the end of 2016 from the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). This grant was used to purchase equipment as detailed in the attached slides.




Recent news

Paul Calleja

The SDP proceeds apace, implementing the management changes we outlined in our last SKA eNews contribution.

We planned our work for the October-November time period so that we could support the ongoing SKA engineering activities, and so that we could continue our work on the SDP Execution Framework, as well as work on the key algorithms that we will use to do all the processing within the SDP. We've also been conducting engineering workshops to make sure that we fully understand what makes designing the SDP such a challenge.


The SDP held a workshop in November 2016, to discuss some of the performance characteristics of the algorithms which will be used during science data processing by the SDP.