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SKAO/SDP briefing session - International Supercomputing 2017

The SKAO and SDP held a joint briefing at International Supercomputing 2017 in Frankfurt on 19 June. The primary purpose of the event was to inform the ICT vendor community of the current status of the SKA project as a whole, and the technical progress that has been made by the SDP consortium since the previous conference a year earlier.

Three presentations were given:

1. An overview of the SKA project and its current status – Miles Deegan, SKA Organisation

2. An update on the Science Data Processor project – John Taylor, U. Cambridge

3. A snapshot of recent technical directions and conclusions – Chris Broekema, ASTRON

The presentations were then followed by a question and answer session.

Recent news

After many years of effort, on 31st October 2018, the SDP Consortium submitted its design documentation for Critical Design Review (CDR).


Since the last eNews submission in April 2018, the SDP Consortium successfully submitted a documentation pack of roughly 30 documents for its Pre-CDR, M20, milestone to the SKAO. The documentation pack included key Systems Engineering documents, Interface Control Documents (ICDs) and an updated snapshot of the latest SDP Architecture views since the M19 submission and review in November 2017.

In late June, a two-step review process was undertaken between SDP Consortium representatives and the SKAO M20 review panel. The first step was a documentation review process where the objective was to understand and assess the suitability and risks associated with the SDP design before entering the CDR review process. The second step was a face to face meeting which first analysed the suitability of SDP software architecture to meet the needs of its stakeholders, conducted using the SEI ATAM (Architecture Trade-Off Analysis Method) process and based on scenarios generated previously and then discussed observations made against the documentation pack in the first step.