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SKAO/SDP briefing session - International Supercomputing 2017

The SKAO and SDP held a joint briefing at International Supercomputing 2017 in Frankfurt on 19 June. The primary purpose of the event was to inform the ICT vendor community of the current status of the SKA project as a whole, and the technical progress that has been made by the SDP consortium since the previous conference a year earlier.

Three presentations were given:

1. An overview of the SKA project and its current status – Miles Deegan, SKA Organisation

2. An update on the Science Data Processor project – John Taylor, U. Cambridge

3. A snapshot of recent technical directions and conclusions – Chris Broekema, ASTRON

The presentations were then followed by a question and answer session.

Recent news

SDP Architecture doc

The next significant milestone for the SDP Consortium is M19 on the 30th November. M19 is a lightweight review of the current state of the SDP software architecture and forms a checkpoint with the SKAO to present the current state of the architecture and progress towards Critical Design Review (CDR).

All relevant SDP SEI style views and other supporting documentation for functionally close blocks of architecture will be reviewed. The goal is to present the information in sufficient detail to facilitate immediate use by a knowledgeable audience member.

In preparation for this review, a Stakeholders Overview will take place. The required participants will include key members of the SDP architectural design team and knowledgeable stakeholders from SKAO. This review is to ensure that the high-level architecture documentation, for the purposes of providing an introductory, high-level explanation of the design, is sufficiently complete. In preparation for this overview, key members of the SDP Architecture design team recently selected a collection of views for review and this information has been distributed to the SKAO.

Comments and or suggestions made during the Stakeholder Overview and the official M19 review will guide further architectural priorities ahead of M20 (Element pre-CDR).

SKA SC17 keynote

Members of the SKA Organisation and SDP Consortium are in Denver this week attending the annual SuperCompuing conference. This year the conference keynote "Life, the Universe and Computing: The Story of the SKA Telescope" was given by the SKA Director General Phil Diamond, and the SKA Regional Centre Project Scientist Rosie Bolton.