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Released SDP Memos 2

SDP Memo Disclaimer: The SDP memos are designed to allow the quick recording of investigations and research done by members of the SDP. They are also designed to raise questions about parts of the SDP design or SDP process. The contents of a memo may be the opinion of the author, not the whole of the SDP.

72. SDP Memo 072: ''SDP Memo 72: Vertical prototyping of the gridding algorithm on GPU'' (Lead Author: Anna Brown):

PDF icon memo_72_gridding_part_1_-_signed.pdf3.09 MB

73. SDP Memo 073: ''SDP Memo 73: Chebyshev polynomial approximation of kernels in w-projection gridding algorithm on GPU'' (Lead Author: Anna Brown):

PDF icon memo_73_cheb_part_1_-_signed.pdf641.91 KB

74. SDP Memo 074: ''SDP Memo 74: Optimisation of the w-projection gridding algorithm for FPGA using Intel OpenCL'' (Lead Author: Anna Brown):

PDF icon memo_74_fpga_part_1_-_signed.pdf365.71 KB

76. SDP Memo 076: ''SDP Memo 076: Improving the efficiency of direct visibility prediction using NVIDIA Pascal and Volta GPUs'' (Lead Author: Karel Adámek):

PDF icon memo_076_part_1_-_signed.pdf555.92 KB

77. SDP Memo 077: ''Using DALiuGE for Distributed SAGECal'' (Lead Author: Feng Wang):

PDF icon sagecal-memo_wang_2018_signed.pdf1.31 MB

78. SDP Memo 078: ''SDP Memo 078: Scalability Testing using DALiuGE on Tianhe-2 and Pawsey'' (Lead Author: Baoqiang Lao):

79. SDP Memo 079: ''Software Prototyping using Precursor Technology, ASKAPSoft, and DALiuGE: A joint ICRAR and CSIRO prototyping Memo'' (Lead Authors: Andreas Wicenec and Juan Carlos Guzman):

80. SDP Memo 080: ''SDP Memo 080: On Scalable Faraday Tomography/Rotation Measure Synthesis for the Square Kilometre Array'' (Lead Author: Stef Salvini):

81. SDP Memo 081: ''SDP Memo 081: Combining Task-Based Parallelism and Platform Services within a Science Pipeline Prototype'' (Lead Author: Jamie Farnes):

82. SDP Memo 082: "SDP Memo 082: Summarising Initial Scale-Out Prototyping Efforts" (Lead Author: Yongxin Zhu):

83. SDP Memo 083: ''SDP Memo 83: Distribution of the Rau-Cornwell MSMFS algorithm'' (Lead Author: Tim Cornwell):

84. SDP Memo 084: "SDP Memo 084: Observatory Support Tools: Use Cases" (Lead Author: Ferdl Graser):

85. SDP Memo 085: ''SDP Memo 085: PIP.IMG Gridding Algorithms'' (Lead Author: Andrew Ensor):

86. SDP Memo 086: ''SDP Memo 086: SKA-SDP Gridding on Graphical Processing Units'' (Lead Author: NVIDIA Corporation):

87. SDP Memo 087: ''SDP Memo 087: Degridding Optimization for SKA on NVIDIA GPUs'' (Lead Author: NVIDIA Corporation):

88. SDP Memo 088: ''SDP Memo 088: Characterizing FFT performance on GPUs for SKA-SDP'' (Lead Author: NVIDIA Corporation):

89. SDP Memo 089: ''SDP Memo 089: SKA-SDP Reprojection on Graphical Processing Units'' (Lead Author: NVIDIA Corporation):

90. SDP Memo 090: ''SDP Memo 090: Comparison of convolution methods for GPUs'' (Lead Author: NVIDIA Corporation):

91. SDP Memo 091: ''SDP Memo 091: Antenna gain calibration on Graphical Processing Units'' (Lead Author: NVIDIA Corporation):

92. SDP Memo 092: ''SDP Memo 092: The FFT calculation via NVIDIA cuFFT library'' (Lead Author: Karel Adámek):

93. SDP Memo 093: "SDP Memo 093: Initial Scale Out Prototyping Based on Supercomputing Platform in CPU+MIC Architecture" (Lead Author: Xudong Zhao):

95. SDP Memo 095: ''SDP Memo 095: Convolutional Gridding Routine: GPU port'' (Lead Author: Samuel F. Antao):

96. SDP Memo 096: "SDP Memo 96: A SDP Scheduler Candidate in StarPU" (Lead Author: TN Chan):

97. SDP Memo 097: ''SDP Memo 97: Direction Dependent Self Calibration in ARL'' (Lead Author: Tim Cornwell):

98. SDP Memo 098: "SDP Memo 098: A memo on SPEAD tests" (Lead Author: Chris Broekema):

99. SDP Memo 099: "SDP Memo 099: SDP Memo 099: Scaling Dask" (Lead Author: Verity Allan):

100. SDP Memo 100: "SDP Memo 100: Guide to the SDP Cost Model" (Lead Author: Ferdl Graser):

101. SDP Memo 101: "SDP Memo 101: Protocol for Downselecting Execution Frameworks during Construction" (Lead Author: Verity Allan):

102. SDP Memo 102: "SDP Memo 102: Distributed Predict I/O Prototype" (Lead Author: Peter Wortmann):

103. SDP Memo 103: "NIP Data Models and Flow" (Lead Author: Robert Lyon):

104. SDP Memo 104: "Evaluating Data Flow Execution Environments: Regent and Legion as an example" (Lead Author: Peter Braam):

105. SDP Memo 105: "SDP Memo 105: SDP Intermediate Data Products" (Lead Author: Anna Scaife):

106. SDP Memo 106: "HPC resources available within ISP: System architecture, documentation, access, application for compute time" (Lead Author: Willi Homberg):

PDF icon ska-tel.sdp-isp-memo-002-a.pdf148.84 KB

107. SDP Memo 107: "PIP.IMG Functional Analysis: Overview" (Lead Author: Anna Scaife):

PDF icon ska-tel_sdp-img-memo-002-a.pdf1.44 MB

108. SDP Memo 108: "Baseline Dependent Averaging II" (Lead Author: Anna Scaife):

PDF icon ska-tel-sdp-img-memo-001.pdf3.03 MB

109. SDP memo 109: "Analysing memory requirements for potential SKA deconvolution algorithms" (Lead Author: Danielle Fenech):

PDF icon ska-tel.sdp-sdpc-memo-memreqs.pdf353.4 KB

Recent news

Lovell telescope behind new SKA HQ building on 17 Jan 2019

At the end of October 2018 the SKA SDP Consortium submitted its Critical Design Review (CDR) documentation pack. Contained in this were the formal deliverables of the design consortium covering all aspects of the SDP architecture, system engineering and programmatics (the documents are available here).  The documents were received by the CDR reviewers (consisting of 3 external members and 15 internal to SKAO) who proceeded to generate clarification questions, requests and notes in the form of observations (called OARs after the Observation Action Register approach commonly used for them). Where possible these were addressed via communication exchanges in JIRA OAR tickets.

From 15th to 19th January 2019 members of the SDP Consortium then visited the SKAO HQ at Jodrell Bank (see figure 1), where direct discussions took place in the new SKAO Council Chamber (see figure 2), to further explore the architecture and identify risks as part of an SEI Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM).


At the end of October the SDP Consortium submitted its full document set for Critical Design Review. (These can be found at http://ska-sdp.org/publications/sdp-cdr-documentation) together with a large number of supporting memos (http://ska-sdp.org/publications/released-sdp-memos-i and http://ska-sdp.org/publications/released-sdp-memos-ii). Table 1 below shows the documents in three main categories: those associated with software and hardware architecture; those explaining the supporting prototyping work that has been undertaken in support of the architecture, and finally those associated with system engineering (SE) and programmatics aspects (e.g. specifications for how SDP interfaces with the wider telescope systems and how components will be constructed). The documents will receive observations from a panel of reviewers up until the end of December. Responses to the observations and scenarios to ‘test’ the architecture will then be discussed at a review meeting from 15th to 18th January 2019 at Jodrell Bank.